Profile And beautiful pictures Of Pakistani Actress And model Ayesha Omer

beautiful pictures of ayesha umerayesha Omer is a renowned Model, Singer, VJ and actress of Pakistan. Ayesha Omer was born on October 12, 1981. She wants to become actress from her school years. Ayesha Omer hosts a show at the age of eight. Her co-host is Muneeza Hashmi, name of the program was “Meray Bachpan kay Din”. In this program Ayesha Omer take interviews of different celebrities of Pakistan. Ayesha Omer graduated from NCA College. She participates in Drama groups of NCA. During her time in NCA Ayesha Omer appeared in eighteen fashion shows and several dramas. She got proper acting training from NCA. Ayesha Omer performs in seven plays which are organized by Lahore’s Armature theater group. Ayesha Omer appeared in TV series by a comedy series “College Jeans”. This series was directed by Jawad Bashir. After this series Ayesha Omer starred in several other series and got appreciation. Soon Ayesha Omer makes her career as a TV host. She started with the show “Rhythm”, after that she host many other shows and makes her place in this field. Ayesha Omer is a former VJ of MTV Pakistan.

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