LMS Merino Shawl Designs Collection 2013-2014 For Women

LSM Fabrics merino collection 2013-14 shwalsLakhany Silk Mills is an oldest and challenging textile firm who is known by their high qualities and versatility. Lakhany Silk Mills also known by LSM Fabric.Lakhany Silk Mills is considered to be as the Pakistan’s leading textile mill who has been working in the field of fashion since year 1952.

it always offer us decent dresses collection for every season and every event.Here is another collection of Merino shawl designs 2013-2014 has launched just now.

This collection has launched for the season of winter, as during this season the most important and common is to wrapping yourself with lovely and stylish shawls.

Here you can see the pictures of this collection are as given below:

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