Dreamy Desires Eid Luxury Dresses By Zarqash 2016

Dreamy Desires By Zarqash. 2Zarqash fashion brand have launched Dreamy Desires which is the combination of different fabrics like silk and chiffon with different art work.In this collection

offer us Party wear dresses with embroidery work and light color as some one like to wear light color on the wedding party.Every dress is unique and have

done with great detailed work mostly done by hand you can see front and back side of the shirts and dresses all are in different prints.Trousers are plain but have some designs in their lower parts these dresses will make you chic any

day.Dreamy Desires Eid Luxury Dresses are elegant glamorous traditional Eid party wear dresses for modern women check out all the designs that have been launched under this collection.

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