Easy & Natural Tips for Mind-Body Wellness

Beauty Tips For Natural Healt 201410 Easy & Natural Tips for Mind-Body Wellness
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It is possible to live healthy and happy without spending too much time, effort and money. Each of these simple tips will take you closer to your health goals:
• Use more herbs and spices in your cooking to reap their antioxidant and immunity-boosting benefits.
• Eat a slice of fresh ginger before meals to balance blood flow and aid digestion.
• Chew fennel seeds after meals to freshen breath and encourage good digestion.
• Discover the healing power of aromatherapy. Diffuse essential oils of peppermint, lemongrass and rosemary to enhance mental clarity. Harness the relaxing properties of rose, jasmine and lavender to invite calm into your mind and heart.
• Favor fresh foods over leftovers, processed and packaged foods.
• Take five minutes before your daily shower to give your body a warm oil massage. An excellent way to improve blood circulation, nourish skin, and calm the mind.
• Eat a handful of nuts every day.
• Go to bed before 10 p.m. Adequate and restful sleep is one of the pillars of good health.
• Sip plenty of warm water throughout the day to keep your digestion smooth.
• Make “balance” your mantra. This simply means try to practice moderation in everything. Too much food, sleep, Internet surfing, stress, exercise and emotional attachment can be dangerous for health.

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