New Traditional Designs Of Matha Patti For Brides 2014

Kundan Bridal Matha Patti designSome of the Matha Patti is even embellished with the heavy beautification as wedding there are many fresh additions noticed in the bridal jewellery accessories. In of such items we would like to mention the name of Matha Patti as well. Matha Patti is one of such bridal jewellery pieces that are noticed first on the bride face. In the past timings this jewellery piece was quite famous in the Southern Weddings. But now with the passage of time it has even made its prominent place in the India and Pakistan weddings as well. Since the last couple of years Matha Patti has been gaining even more and more popularity amongst the brides. Especially in Pakistan this jewellery item is becoming one of the best trends inside the Pakistani bridal weddings.

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