Cambric Collection 2013 By Gul Ahmed For Mid Summer Lawn Dresses

CAMBRIC COLLECTION 2013  6Gul Ahmed is a very old and famous fashion brand in the fashion industry .It collection not only bonded in our country but also popular in other areas of many other country.Gul Ahmed always launched ethnic collection for every seasons.Gul Ahmed also offers us formal wear

, semi formal,casual wear and bridal wear collection.It also shows the latest lawn and cotton dresses collection for women and men.Recently It launched new Cambric Collection 2013 By Gul Ahmed.

Cambric Collection is a unique blend of different colours and designs in consonance with new trends unmatchable and peerless in making the experience of wearers cherished and relishing with novelty and new outlook.

There are some pictures of this collection as given below :

Pictures Of New Gul Ahmad Lawn Dresses Collection 2013

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