Designer Zari Faisal Dress Collection In Fashion Week Pakistan 5 2013

Zari Faisal  fashion week 2013 1Designer Zari Faisal was next to follow and showcased her womenswear collection titled “Plush” at Fashion Week Pakistan 5.

Taking inspiration from old oil paintings the collection exhibited a very vintage feel, reminiscent of less modern times. With gorgeous handwork and intricate detailing of butterfly motifs featuring lots of floral designs, the collection epitomized a dream from the past.

The collection utilized plain nets, silk floral, and gold pleated lame’ as its main fabrics with a variety of cuts; some flowy, some straighter.

As far as embellishments were concerned, Zari is currently in love with flat sequins which she combined with a variety of dominant colors, including corals, pinks, beige and gold which comprised the main colour theme of the collection.

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