Deepak Perwani La Vie En Rose Bridal Collection 2016

DEEPAK PERWANI SUMMER LA VIE ROSE BRIDAL DRESSES 2016  3Deepak Perwani, the man who is responsible for changing the face of Pakistani menswear almost 2 decades ago. He has been Pakistan’s cultural ambassador to

China and Malaysia.Recently Deepak Perwani fashion designer launched his new Deepak Perwani La Vie En Rose Bridal Collection 2016,fr women and also for men.In this collection he shows us new lehenga choli and frocks style.Colour used in this collection id of white red blue black and so on.These dresses are decorated with

embroidery work of stone and tilla. its stitch style is also beautiful.Here is also show some images of these dresses collection 2016 below let’s check the splendid styles and designs of this bridal collection.

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