Zayn Rashid New Designs Casual Wear Dresses Collection 2013-14

Zayn Rashid Designs collection 2013-14Zayn Rashid is a very promising fashion designer in our country.Zayn Rashid is a well known and old fashion brand in our fashion industry.It offer us seasonal dresses collection for women and men.Its collection is also decent and beautiful.

Recently it launched new winter fall dress collection for women.This women dress collection consist on the latest embroidery dresses collection 2013-14.

This collection is also beautiful and elegant.The colors used for them are of course bright such as red, green, blue, black and etc etc.This is casual wear and formal wear dresses collection 2013-14 in winter season.

In this post show you some images of this collection 2013-14

Code : WC02
Material : Marina Linen
Shirt & Plazzo price : 5500 Rs
Hair & makeup : Sophia Salon
Model : Maria Ilyas
designs by : Zayn Rashid


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