ZAINAB Embroidered Linen Dresses Collection 2013-14 BY Z T M

ZAINAB Embroidered Linen Collection BY Z T M 7ZTM Zubaida Textile Mills is not a new name in the fashion industry. ZTM infect is one of the oldest textile manufacturers that provide the undivided distinctive designs for clients over the years for all mollifies

.ZTM Textile recently last showcases Zainab embroidered linen winter Collection 2013-14 for women.

Last Zainab embroidered linen Collection 2013-14 who looks colorful and Vogue, perfect for the winter season equivalent.

Collection linen embroidery Zubaida Textile Mills, in embroidered Zainab label Designer, is aptly named, traditionalist and for women from all walks of life.

Here are also some pictures of this collection are given below


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