The PinkTree Company Summer Lawn Kurti Collection 2017

The PinkTree Company Summer Collection 2017 1We first spotted Amal Qadri on a flight from Bangkok to Karachi. She truly defined #travel #chic: crisp yet comfy clothes, colourful accessories and a

gorgeous tan. So when she sauntered into The PinkTree Lounge as a client it was impossible not to remember her.Amal is a celebrity stylist and personal shopper. She has a beauty and style blog @shakethingsupbyamal on Instagram. ” I used to help friends and acquaintance in choosing and executing looks that suit them and bring the best out of them.”

Amal never imagined her passion could become her profession and a claim to fame, till one day she was asked what her fee was. “I was pleasantly surprised. ” Most of Amal ‘ s clients like discretion therefore her Instagram doesn’t have pictures of her styled looks of her clients. Despite this confidentiality, the word spread about Amal’s supremely chic and contemporary vision, her understanding of #Fashion and style. “Photograpraghers and producers began contacting me to style their campaigns and editorials.” Work started pouring in leading to her contract with Dawn TV as stylist to dress Anoushay Ashraf for her morning show. Thorough, precise and a breeze to work with, Amal won us over with her direct and professional approach. She knows what she doesn’t want, what improves an image and how to achieve the final look.
In short, she has perfected the science of styling down to the postures.


Completely bowled over, we offered to dress her up
(and not model) for this #spring ‘Spring Fling’ our cotton collection for this season. Her vibrant personality, innate yet distinct style and the high voltage smile proved electrifying, bringing the clothes to life. This happened for just one reason: because she is not into following trends, she creates her own; Amal Qadri is the quintessential #PinkTree woman with #strength,#style and #soul!

Photography : Mohammad Arshad
Styling and projection: Amal Qadri @shakethingsupbyamal
Hair & Make-up: Rajan at NPro @nabila_salon
Digital : Mind Map Communications

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