The PinkTree Company Pret Wear At Fashion Week 2018

The PinkTree CompanyStaying true to its ethos of Glocal, The PinkTree presents ‘Bougainvillea Diaries’. Like the flower, this collection represents vibrancy, colours and of course,

resilience in an extremely languid style. Moulded out of traditional Pakistani textiles and techniques, the Bougainvillea Diaries include centuries old Sindhi fabric “Susi”, hand-woven pure cottons called “Khaddar,” madly vivacious

“Cheent” prints–known as chintz in the West– and untreated ivory muslin. Embroidery, hand-block print, tie-dye and hand-crushing are few of the age old techniques that add embellishment and texture to simple, relaxed silhouettes. Just as the Bougainvillea flower blooms in all corners of the world, ‘Bougainvillea Diaries’ perfectly adds spring and color to the world.
Bougainvillea Diaries PinkTree  Made In Pak 17
Styling: Amal Qadri
Shoes: Hobo by Hub Leather
Photography: Tapu Javeri

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