T20 Cricket Green Dresses Collection 2014 By Pinkstich

T20 Cricket Collection 1PinkstichPinkstich Exclusive Party Wear Dresses 2015-16. Read more ... » is a great new fashion design label. The brand launched in 2009. Pinkstich provide latest and cost effective clothing for women which satisfy their fashion needs.inkstich has a simple fashion philosophy. The brand creates intricate chic embroideries on plain shirts which suit girls as a street style fashion.Recently It show Us new Green DressesWinter Casual Wear Dresses Collection 2015. Read more ... » Collection for T20 cricket Match .

Pinkstich has designed their latest T20 cricket collection 2014 for girls. The shirts are plain green color and moon and star are embroidered. Well.Let See Its Paictures As Below

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