Sapphire New Summer Lawn VOL. IV Dresses Collection 2018

Sapphire Lawn VOL. IV - 2018 1Sapphire Much Famous & Most liked fashion brand has now launched its new Fashion volumn IV collection 2018.In this collection includes 3 piece suit with

digital prints.As the sun continues to shine bright over clear blue skies, we embrace the warmth of summer with vibrant colours and bold patterns.

Sapphire Lawn VOL. IV found its inspiration in Art Deco, a movement in modern design that represented luxury and old-world glamour. Aptly named

“Deco Life”, this collection artfully encapsulates the magic of summer with its play on bold designs, clear lines and vibrant colours and patterns

With Sapphire’s latest collection, you can relive the sophistication of the days-gone-by, creating looks that are sleek and elegant; mirroring a more modern side of you.

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