Daaman Pret Wear Dresses Collection 2015

Daaman Pret Wear Dresses Collection 2015Some tops are tailor-made for the hot summer weather and this is definitely one of them! This fun embroidered chiffon top can be styled in tons of different creative ways to bring out your inner fashion diva. Wear it over jeans for a

casual boho look to hang out with friends or pair it up with white tights and sandals if you”re going out for a bite with family.Chikan is given a modern twist in this piece; this gorgeous top has intricate detailing with various chikan

fabrics on its sleeves and shoulders. The subtle print on the front along with the brass buttons complete the perfect sophisticated look. Slip on some culottes and beige coloured flats for a beautiful, ethereal look.Let See Them Below:

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