Best Abaya Designs Collection 2016

Dubai Designer Abaya Gowns 2016  4Abaya is the real elegance and beauty of a girl and it is the thing that covers the beauty of a woman. The trend of abaya was started in Arab in the beginning,

and now it is spread all over the world. Women throughout the world now love to wear beautiful abayas. In fact abaya is now being used not only to cover the body but also for fashion and styling. Many different types of simple and fancy abayas are available in the market for ladies.The new exclusive and stylish

abaya designs for girls 2016 has also shows us in this post.Beautiful embroidery works are embellished on the necklines and cuffs of abayas in various patterns and colors. There is extensive use of elegant colors like gold, silver and copper

color in the thread work done on them.A number of brooches are available with the abayas that can be used to tie the scarf and look very elegant and shiny.Here you can also see some new designs of abayas.

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