Ali Xeeshan Kalash Valley At Shaan-e-Pakistan Fashion Show 2015

ALI XEESHAN 'AFTER DARK' COLLECTION AT SHAAN-E-PAKISTAN 2015 1Ali Xeeshan showcased his collection inspired from the beautiful Kalash Valley at Shaan-e-Pakistan fashion show 2015 in India. The collection is titled ‘After

Dark’ and includes menswear designs. The fabric is an amalgamation of Brocade, Raw Silk and Shanghai Silk woven using a classic, aged technique.The surfaces and embellishments that Ali Xeeshan developed on this fabric are all

Kalash motivated, but we can say that with a modern edge to the culturally inspired design. The collection is set in rich, festive, sunny and colorful palette that is a true spirit of Pakistani ethos, customs and truly reflective of Ali Xeeshan lets check out.

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