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Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Finger Joints

How to get rid of dark skinYou flaunt your fingers by applying nail polish but the look spoils if you have dark finger joints. Dark skin is due to the increased production of melanin, a skin pigment. Read more »

How To Make Your Hair Long & Healthy Tips

Tips for healthy hairsIn the video below I am going to share with you a remedy to make hair healthy & strong. Make and use the remedy below to get rid of all of your hair issues super fast.

How To Make Your Hair Healthy 
To get rid of the issue of hair loss, and to make the roots of your hair healthy and strong, here is the recipe. T he ingredients you need for this remedy are


Vinegar, two tbsp
Coconut oil, half bowl

Take a clean bowl, and in it, add two tbsp of vinegar.
After this, add half bowl of coconut oil.
Mix oil and vinegar.
Now, you will get the best remedy to make hair healthy & strong ready for use.
How to Use:

Apply the oil to your hair, and leave it for two hours. Wash it off after this. Use the remedy once a week.

Benefits You Will Get:

Vinegar is the best hair tonic and it makes hair healthy and thick.
It prevents dandruff and treats premature graying of hair.
Also, it helps in the treatment of split hair ends, and promotes hair growth.
This home remedy to make hair healthy & strong is the best. All the ingredients used in it help to prevent hair damage. These are highly beneficial for your hair. So, if you are facing hair loss, and want to have long, healthy hair, use this remedy to have the hair you want.

Face Beauty Tips In Urdu For Young Girls & Women

Beauty Tips 2018Face Beauty Tips In Urdu For Young Girls & Women is Uploaded Here on this page. Here we want to mention natural product means homemade product that Read more »

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