Top Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Baldness And Hairloss

Home Remedy to Get Rid Of BaldnessBaldness is defined as the partial or complete loss of hair or lack of growth of hair. About 70% of the men suffer from male pattern baldness. Baldness is the most common reason for
hair loss in men . The main reason for baldness is heredity or male sex hormones. The hairline gradually recedes and the hair becomes finer and thinner. It can be effectively reduced through certain home remedies.Today i’ll give you a Home Remedy to Get Rid Of Baldness and hair loss.
Fenugreek Seeds And Oil
• Fry a few fenugreek seeds in coconut oil for a few minutes.
• Strain this mixture and apply it in minimal amounts on your head.
• Rub it gently on your head so that it reaches the hair roots.
• Apply this mixture three to four times a week before bathing will help in preventing your hair from balding.

Coriander ہرا دھنیا,
Half Capsicum شملہ مرچ ,
7-8 Green Chili Seeds ہری مرچ ,
Half Ginger ادرک ,
Half Tomato,
1 cup water,
Half Cucumber کھیرا .

Take 1 cup of water into the pan and heat it.
Then takes some coriander, half piece capsicum, ginger, tomato, and cucumber.
Cut all these ingredients and add them into the water.
Add some chili seeds into this paste.
Mix it well.
When it get boils than crush the whole mixture and strain this mixture with the help of malmal cloth and stain all the water.
Apply this oil into your baldness area up to hair roots properly.
This is best natural homemade conditioner and a good remedy for hair treatment.
All these ingredients can be easily available at home within your own kitchen at low cost.
Keep in mind that don,t apply this oil on your wounded areas.
Try this natural remedy and surely you can get rid of Hair Loss and Balding within few weeks.

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