Tips to Keep Skin Soft and Glowing In Winter

glowing skin in winters 1Winter weather is not fun for skin. Cold weather and low humidity levels result in dry air, which then steals moisture away from the skin every second of every day. Without immediate care, dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding, and

harsh winter wind makes the problem worse. Indoor heat further robs the air of moisture, as do hot showers or baths and harsh cleansers.Exfoliation of skin is always important for the overall health and freshness of the skin. You need to mildly exfoliate your skin every now and then. A perfect routine would be to

exfoliate your body twice a week.his is good to remove stretch marks and will also help in easing the two tone skin problem as it removed the top layer of skin, this reduce the two coloured skin form your body in no time. Try this simple DIY body scrub to get smooth and glowing skin.

For this DIY body scrub you will need the following:


Half cup of brown sugar
Half cup of oatmeal
1 table spoon of honey
2 to 4 table spoons of olive oil

In a clean large bowl
Put half cups of brown sugar
Add in half cup of oatmeal to the sugar and the mix the two dry ingredients well
Add in 1 table spoon of honey to the dry ingredients
Lastly, add 4 table spoons of olive oil.
Mix all the ingredients well and your DIY home made body scrub is ready
You can apply this scrub on wet body
Rub the exfoliating scrub on your body for about 5 minutes.
This will scrub off all the dry and dead skin off your body leaving behind smooth and glowing skin.

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