Skin Whitening Face And Body Scrub

body scrubHomemade Whitening Body Scrub is one of those body scrub which so many people look for to get the desired fair looking glowing soft skin. People spend tons

of money buying so many commercials skin whitening body scrub, skin polishing scrub, which costs so much for just too less.
The homemade scrub for body whitening I am going to share has amazing and effective results. Follow the body scrub for whitening skin and get glowing and white body in only 3 months.

DIY Body Scrub for Whitening


Oat Flour 50 grams
Gram Flour 50 grams
Empty or Squeezed Almonds 100 grams

To make DIY body scrub for whitening

Take 50 grams of oat flour.
Now add 50 grams of gram flour in it.
After this, add 100 grams of empty or squeezed almonds (empty nuts).
You may add turmeric powder in it.
Now grind and mix all of these ingredients to make a natural scrub for body whitening.
How to Use:

Apply the scrub to your body on the dark areas. Gently scrub the dark areas with the natural body scrub for whitening. After this, wash with cold water. Avoid using the soap after using the scrub.

If you have dark and dry skin, mix the scrub with yogurt and honey and then apply it to your body. In the end, spread rose water on these body areas and get a glowing and white skin. Use the natural scrub for body whitening for 3 months for your body only and get wonderful results.

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