New Beauty Tips For Fair & Smooth Skin 2013

beautiful skin.jpeg The radiant and glowing beauty is always lies in your complexion. The skin complexion is actually the color of skin. It varies from brownish to pinkish. The skin of women mostly lighter in color as compared to man.


Apple, guava, Pears and peaches are important for glowing skin. Beside this a cup of milk daily keeps your skin complexion in lighter form. Vitamin A is very good for skin health found in all dark green fruits and vegetables. Vitamin E is also for keeping the skin young. Fish and other sea foods are very effective for skin growth and health due to presence of many important minerals in them.


All the below mentioned remedies should be freshly prepared and applied at least continuously 10 days to see the difference .

  1. Take some lemon juice and add in to it honey then it is applied on face for 15 minutes daily.
  2. Cucumber juice also has vital effect in changing the complexion of skin. First to rub with cucumber slices and then apply cucumber juice on it. Leave it for over night and wash at morning it will change the complexion of your skin.
  3. Apply the mixture of gram flour, milk and lime juice on face and neck twice in a weak.
  4. Apply yogurt on face and rub it continuously until it get dried and then wash your face.
  5. Application of reddish juice on skin also improves the skin complexions
  6. Oat meal, yogurt and tomato juice when mixed and applied on face gives a glowing complexion.
  7. Almond with honey applied on face changes the complexion to lighter color
  8. Take two table spoons of gram flour and in to it fresh homogenized milk and make a paste of it and use it for washing your face instead of soap it will change the tone of your skin effectively.

Soak some almonds in water for a night. Then at morning peel them and grind add in to it some milk and lemon juice and rubbed on face it will also change the complexion f your skin.

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