How to do Pedicure at Home in 10 Easy Steps

How to do Pedicure At HomeWhether you need to soften up your callused feet or you are looking for a day of pampering, giving yourself a pedicure is the perfect solution. With a bit of time and a little effort, you’ll have silky feet and perfectly polished tootsies that will leave everyone envious.
Step 1:

Remove all the nail polish if any on the nails

Step 2:

Take hot water in a tub and add foot salt in it
If you don’t have foot salt add following ingredients:
Add 1 cup of Epsom Salt in hot water
Now add 1 Tbsp of Camphor in tub
Add few drops of essential oil in it
You can also add Flower petals if you like and mix all
Dip your Feet in the hot water and relax for 2-3 minutes

Step 3:

Add some liquid soap in the hot water
You can also put the hand wash in it
Massage your feet in the hot water
Step 4:

Put the water aside and take your feet out
Apply some Foot Scrub on your feet
And scrub thoroughly on slightly wet feet
If you don’t have foot scrub, make your own with following ingredients:
Add 3-4 Tbsp of Milk in a bowl
Take 3 Tbsp of sugar and 2 Tbsp of salt in it
Add honey or any essential oil into it

Step 5:

After scrubbing is done

Put your feet in clear water
Gently rub your feet and ankles with pumice rock or scrubber
Take your feet out after scrubbing and pat them dry
Step 6:

Take a filer and clean your nails
Cut your nails if you need
And finally shape them as you like

Step 7:

Apply some coconut oil, olive oil on all over your feet and glycerin on cracked heals

Step 8:

Push back your cuticles very gently
Do not cut your cuticles
You can shave or wax unwanted hair if any

Step 9:

Take few drops of lemon juice on cotton
And rub your nails with it
Step 10:

Apply the basic coat on nails
And finally apply your nail polish

Benefits of following 10 Steps to do Pedicure at home:

These simple methods help to take care of your feet and make them look clean, soft, smooth and attractive. these methods also help you save money from going to the parlor and buying expensive products.

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