Homemade Wax To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Naturally

homemade WaxUnwanted facial and body hair is embarrassing—especially for women. It may not be detrimental to your health, but it can damage self-confidence. Hair on the

face, feet, hands, chest, and back often results from post-pregnancy hormonal changes and hormonal imbalances caused by irregular menstrual cycles. It’s also a side effect of certain medications. As you know, there is a variety of hair removal creams and waxing available in the market but not all of them are

effective. You may get the reaction on the skin after using chemical containing wax. It is highly recommended to avoid the use of hair removing creams because it will not only make your skin darker but also increase the growth of unwanted hair. The waxing method is more convenient and effective as compared to hair removing creams


  • Honey
  • Lemon juice
  • sugarInstructions:
    • Take a bowl and add one cup of sugar in it. Turn on the flame and cooked it for 6 to 7 minutes until you get a caramel.
    • Once you get a sugar caramel then add the other ingredients one by one. First add two tablespoons of honey then add lemon juice.
    • Cooked it until you get a paste as shown in the video.
    • Now, take a butter paper and add the hot wax paste on it as shown in the video.
    • Let it be dry properly.
    • Once your wax cooled down and stick to the butter paper properly then your wax strips are ready to use.
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