Best Natural Homemade Skin Toners 2016

Natural Homemade Skin ToneToners are an important step in anyone’s skin care regimen: they can balance the skin’s pH and keep it from becoming too dry or too oily, they can contain

beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants and humectants, and they can even help prep the skin to help it better absorb other products’ ingredients.
Skin toner has multiple benefits, firstly it helps close those large pores on skin making your skin more beautiful, closing the pores also ensures that the

ingredients from whatever makeup you apply on skin are not absorbed by the skin simply you can say skin toner can prevent absorption of chemicals from beauty products.
lot of artificial toners do more damage than they do well to your skin. It’s always best to use Natural Skin Toner that can make easily at your home using ingredients available right in your kitchen. Let’s look out some home remedies for those natural skin treatments.

Natural Toners for Skin
Skin Toner for Regular skin
Commercially available toners dries out your skin, homemade toners tends to make your skin feel rejuvenated, try this one if you have regular skin type.


Take 1 cup of cucumber juice,
add 1 teaspoon of honey,

mix it well and store in a bottle and place it in the fridge.
When it cools apply this natural toner on the skin with cotton balls wash it off with water after 20 minutes,
apply this every day.

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