Beauty Tips For Removing Dry and Dark Skin

Beauty Tips For Fair SkinWe use bleaching and other methods for treating dark and dry skin and as a result; these dark skin areas become even drier. Here is a simple How to Get Rid of Dark and Dry Skin.Home Remedy for Dark Dry Skin

Here I am going to share with you a simple home remedy for dark and dry skin.


Mashed Papaya
1 Tablespoon Oatmeal
Dry/Powder Milk
2 Tablespoons Glycerin
Olive Oil

Add 1 tablespoon oatmeal in a small bowl full of mashed papaya.
After this, add powder milk.
Now add two tablespoons glycerin.
After this, add olive oil to this mixture.
Mix all of these ingredients properly.
Your skin care pack for dry and dark skin is ready now.

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